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James is a Swansea based artist painting Fine Art Portraits; Paintings;  Drawing and Digital Art including people and animals.

georgia portrait ava landscape charlie portrait golem digital surfers landscape
mrg portrait pinkcat card skettyhallmain georgia drawing socks portrait



The Portrait page shows portrait work of human and animal, any of which are available to buy as high quality prints and some originals are available too. All work presented here is painted in oil paint in an 'Alla Prima' style or a traditional layered method incorporating glazes and scumbling.

The Landscape page is where any scenes or vistas are located. James paints beach and sea scenes predominantly as the sea is incredibly alluring to him and the constantly shifting energy and colours is a joy to capture. All work presented here is painted in oil paint in an 'Alla Prima' style and are available to buy as high quality prints and some original work is available also.

The Digital art page is a collection of work mainly with a fantasy and comic theme. All are available as high quality prints.

The Drawing page is where work has either ceased in the initial stages of work or is a deliberate pencil or graphite rendering. All work is available as high quality prints.

The Cards page is where he has placed artwork that was specifically designed for greetings cards, which can be personalised digitally and a high quality print can be made.

Please contact him for more information, or have a look at the pricing guide  of portraits and drawing.

Have a look at his pet portraits site as well : potter pet portraits