James is a Swansea based portrait artist painting Fine Art Portraits, Drawing and Digital Art including people and animals. With portraits, he lays emphasis on the capturing of a character, with a drawing or painting, primarily through the depiction of the sitter’s eyes in a portrait painting.

He paints portraits in both an Alla Prima style and traditional layer style. Every portrait starts with a drawing, which can be seen by the client if desired. From there the painting of the portrait will proceed. If a detailed drawing is preferred to a painting for a portrait then the initial drawing will be further rendered for an accurate portrait. Drawing will sometimes take longer than a painting, as drawing is a more accurate art.

Portraits are a wonderful way of capturing a person, in oil or drawing, with more feeling than a photograph and a pet portrait is a wonderful gift to bestow.

Please contact me for more information, or have a look at the pricing guide of portraits and drawing.

Have a look at my pet portraits site as well : potter pet portraits