I love watching the dawn breaking. The sun slowly emerging, sometimes through clouds as I have depicted here. It creates wonderful oranges and yellows amongst the purple and blue clouds. All of which is reflected by the wet sand of the bay. Wonderful.


Oil on Canvas - 24 x 18 Inches 61 x 46 Centimetres approximately


A wonderfully fresh, bright morning as the sun breaks through the clouds to bring the dawn. The golden rays warming the beach with an orange-red glow, as the waves lap in.


Oil on canvas - 24 x 18 Inches 61 x 46 Centimetres approximately


The sun rises slowly, creating beautiful orange and yellow highlights on the wet sand. Waves gently roll in on what is truly a magnificent start to the day.


Oil on Board - 24 x 16.5 Inches 61 x 42 Centimetres approximately


One of my favourite beaches in Swansea is Nicholaston Burroughs on the Gower. There is a log walk through a small wood and along wooden planks in the sand dunes to the beach. Once you arrive, the beach opens up and the sea can get quite close. I have never seen it full or overcrowded, maybe I have been lucky. I have spent many hours just sitting and watching the waves as well as walking along the vast sands.


Oil on Board 24 x 15.12 Inches 61 x 40 Centimetres


How wonderful it is to walk along the beach with the waves gently rolling in, the sun blazing down and a gentle breeze playing to cool one down. These are the conditions that lead to an open mind, freedom of thought and relaxation.


Oil on Canvas - 24 x 18 inches 61 x 45.5 Centimetres approximately